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Peer-reviewed journals

Book Chapters

Rogers, J., Révész, A., & Rebuschat, P. (2015). Challenges in implicit learning research: Validating a novel artificial language. To appear in P. Rebuschat (Ed.), Implicit and explicit learning of languages (pp. 273-298). John Benjamins: Amsterdam.

Rogers, J. (2014). Text grab. In A. Coxhead (Ed.), New ways in teaching vocabulary. TESOL Press.

Encyclopedia Entries

Rogers, J. (in press). Developing vocabulary through metacognition. To appear in L. Gerena and K. Reynolds (Eds.),The TESOL encyclopedia of English language teaching: Teaching vocabulary. Wiley.

Popular Audience Publications

Rogers, J. (2013). What do (EFL) students say about good and bad teaching.  Modern English teacher, 22.

Rogers, J. (2011). Don’t Panic!  Compensation strategies for the real world.  English teaching professional, 73.